Nur 2 Episod 12 Written Update Review

Nur 2
Test after the test has come to Adam and Nur in their life as husband and wife. After marriage Adam and Nur teach children to study at Nur’s old house. In the beginning, their good intentions did not cope until people were unhappy. Their neighbors are disturbed by the recitation classes that are getting more welcome, Adam and Nur need to find new places but they lack funding.

Adam is still pursuing activities to preach in the halls which also received Nur’s support. The presence of a new prostitute in the area changed everything. Juita also dreamed to be like Nur. He wants Adam to be his. Since then, Juita has always been looking for an opportunity to accompany Adam. In fact, Juita uses Nur by pretending to be Nur’s best friend to get Adam.

Apart from the domestic conflict, Adam also needs to solve the problem of Darul Mukhsin school which is lacking funds due to the misappropriation of Hamadi. Although huddled in jail, Hamadi still does not even threaten to divorce Aisyah if she does not seek a security deposit to release her.

Aisha is narrowed between husband and family. Aishah boldly asked for her mother’s help. Initially Father Haji did not agree because Hamadi became the cause of their family problems. Because of her pity, finally Aisha’s request was followed.

Aisha and Hamadi were driven out of her rented house and forced her to stay with Aisha’s family. The presence of Hamadi not only makes both his parents uncomfortable but Nur was afraid to set foot on the house. Nur was still traumatized and was impressed with the black events that had happened with Hamadi before.

Will Hamadi be conscious or continue with her malice to get Nur? Will Nur and Adam defend their households from others who are always present to ruin their lives


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